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About the center

University education is the main locomotive for development and progress in the world, which has an active role in creating human cadres capable of interacting with successive life variables and continuous development in the use of information technology to build developed and modern societies. Therefore, the continued development of university education is an urgent necessity that the University must take care of in order to modernize its outputs to achieve competitive quality in the national and regional labour market in the near future as well as at the international level. In this regard, the University has established the University Education Development Center and the Project Management Unit, which manages projects based on the use of information technology to ensure the continuity of the processes of development and quality of education and the development of the capabilities of leaders, faculty members and university staff and the activation of student participation using strategic plans and the development of mechanisms for follow-up, evaluation and continuous modernization with the aim of transforming the university into a modern and advanced university.


The university is preparing the center to be a specialized center that supports the outputs provided by university and related institutions.


The Center supports the use of information technology in the development of university education, administrative performance, development of the capabilities of leaders, faculty, students and university staff and playing a leading role in positive interaction with higher education institutions and other related institutions and with the business community and civil society in the fields of continuous development, ensuring the quality of outputs and improving performance.


  1. Support university colleges in using information technology to develop and modernize the educational process and curriculum and use unconventional methods of learning.
  2. Providing the necessary advice to develop the material resources supporting the university’s educational process within the framework of development plans (e.g. laboratories, classrooms, libraries, technological support).
  3. Management of quality and accreditation processes at the university, and the associated processes of evaluating institutional, team and individual performance within the framework of the relevant standards, in cooperation with the university’s various colleges and management.
  4. Provide the necessary scientific support to conduct research on the development of the university’s educational process, and work to achieve integration between them.
  5. Preparing cadres of accredited trainers who are able to train qualified elements to deal with the requirements of the times using modern and internationally recognized scientific foundations.
  6. Develop the capabilities of faculty members, aides and academic leaders in light of the requirements of the present and the future.
  7. Developing the merits of active positive participation of students inside and outside the university, which contributes to the preparation of effective and ethically and professionally committed leaders.

  8. Provide students with the competitive ness that graduates need to meet the demands of the labor market.

  9. Contribute to the development of strategic and operational plans and follow-up and evaluation mechanisms for the university, colleges, centers and departments.

Centers and specialized units of the Center

4- Education, Information and Communication Technology Projects Unit

▸Information network and infrastructure project
▸Management Information Systems Project
▸E-learning project.
▸Digital library project and consolidated index
▸Education, information and communication technology training project
▸Electronic Gate Project
▸IT Marketing Project

▸International Project Management Unit
▸Local Project Management Unit


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