Suez Canal University

sector vision

Developing university education to ensure a prestigious position for the university among higher education institutions in Egypt and abroad

Sector message

Providing integrated educational and student services within an effective system of quality education and technological development in an effort to graduate distinguished human cadres capable of competing in the labor market and changing society

Sector Objectives

  • Developing educational programs and courses and introducing new programs according to the needs of the local and regional labor market.
  • Raising the efficiency of the educational process in colleges and providing teaching and learning resources
  • Strengthening continuing education capabilities and developing students’ scientific research skills
  • Activating the university’s role in building the student’s personality
  • Developing a mechanism to attract international students from all over the world
  • Development of the electronic structure of the university
  • Developing electronic programs that meet the administrative needs of the sector
  • Activating communication with graduates and owners of labor market institutions
  • Activating the field training system in labor market institutions and developing students’ skills
  • Expanding student activities, creating new activities and encouraging students to participate in them
  • Providing distinguished medical and treatment services, accommodation and nutrition for students
  • Providing academic and social support to university students

For more information, the sector’s website