Suez Canal University

Afro-Asian Institute

The institute’s internal regulations were issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (3086) on 31/7/2019 with the credit hour system, and the institute was opened for study at the end of 2019 at the Suez Canal University at the old university headquarters until now.

Vision and Mission

The vision

The Institute aspires to occupy a prominent position among its peers to bring its graduates to the level of local, regional and international competition.


Institute message

The Institute is working on graduating cadres specialized in studies related to the continents of Africa and Asia with diploma, master’s and doctorate holders to meet the needs of the local and regional community and to contribute effectively and permanently to achieving communication and linking between Egypt, Africa and Asia given the distinguished location of the Suez Canal University and supporting Egypt’s policies towards Africa and Asia, and achieving our mission through Commitment to international standards of excellence in the fields of African and Asian research and studies, community service and environmental development


For more information, the website of the Afro-Asian Institute