Suez Canal University

Suez Canal University is an Egyptian Governmental University, where president Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat “May his soul rest in peace”, was the first one who put the cornerstone of Suez Canal University on the 4th of October 1975. The University was constructed on an area of 1300 acres and this is according to decree no. 93 issued in 1976 and headed by Prof. Abd Elmajeed Osman Mohamed. Since the inauguration of Suez Canal University, it occupied a special position, as it started with 3 faculties (Engineering Technology faculty, Trading and administrative Science faculty, Petroleum and mining faculty) and then began to launch various number of research specialized centers and special units that serve the region. The university started the first academic year in 1977. It is considered ad the first University, which is directed to serve an important Egyptian region “Ismailia” that was a land of battle and combat. The University’s role extended to cover all education methods, which include; services, training, and scientific research. The university has 3 branches, one in port-said, second in Suez, and third on Arish, then all of them were separated.


Suez Canal University aims to be pioneer and distinct in higher education, scientific research, and community service locally, regionally, and internationally.


Suez Canal University is targeting to graduate excellent human cards, Who will be capable of competing in the labor market, along with the system of education quality, scientific research application. In addition to being directed to serve the community and follow up technological development movement that meets morals and manners guidelines. 

Welcome to Suez Canal University

From  your professors to your friends and teammates, Suez Canal University is a vibrant community where you can always feel supported and encouraged. No matter where you come from, this university is home and is designed to help you learn about life and work. Suez Canal University has 16 faculties and 4 institutes which allow students choose freely between multiple varieties.

SCU is a community of talented students, teachers, and researchers. In addition to, a wide range of professional, administrative support and service staff; all of whom are committed to help change this world for the better. Also, we encourage each other to work hard, not only to earn degrees or public recognition, but also to be leaders in this changing world.

World Students

University Objectives

1- Providing a supportive environment for post-graduate studies and scientific research, directed to serve the community.

2- To support the community with graduates, able to compete locally and regionally.

3- Seeking to shift the University to smart University.

4- Achieve academic accreditation locally and regionally.

5- Enhancing the University’s role in serving the community and sustainable development.

6- Developing Administrative team.

Strategic goals

1- Developing programs and academic courses, inventing new programs matching lab our market needs.

2- Raising scientific educational ability of each faculty.

3- Activate the university’s role in building a student’s character.

4- To keep in touch with University’s graduates.

5- Developing scientific research system.

6- Promoting programs and courses of post graduates, according to labor market needs locally and regionally.

7- Promoting administrative systems of the post graduate sector.

8- Expanding, as to attract more number of students.

9- Enhancing local, regional and international relations of the university.

10- Developing the electronic programs that meet the University’s needs.

Adopted Values

1- Commitment to moral values, distinction and circulation of knowledge.

2- Cooperation between the University and the external community.

3- Transparency in handling and solving

4- Creativity and open-mindedness in education, research and problem-solving.

5- Continuity and preservation of variation as the basis of our university community.

SCU Administration

Prof. Nasser Mandor

President of Suez Canal University


Prof. Mohamed Abd Elnaaem

Vice dean for Education and Student Affairs


Prof. Mohamed Saad Zaghloul

Vice dean for Graduate studies and research


Prof. Ahmed Zaki

Vice dean for Community services and Environmental Affairs


Mrs. Hoda Farag

Secretary General of the University