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About the center

The information, documentation and decision-making support centers were established in the administrative organs of the state and public bodies based on the decision of Mr. President No. (627) of 1981, followed by the periodic book No. (49) of 1982 from the Central Organization and Administration Agency, and the general department of the Center for Information and Documentation and Decision Support at the Suez Canal University was established by ministerial decision No. (379) for 1993 and the center was launched in March 1997. 


Support decision-making in the university community and the surrounding community by rapidly saving accurate information by placing it in the electronic form, achieving the principle of comprehensive quality in providing and circulating information in terms of quality, speed, storage and extraction of indicators. 

General Administration Responsibilities

1. Supervising the preparation of plans and programs in the field of information, documentation, translation and publishing for the purpose of introducing them into the general annual plan of the University.
2. Supervising the registration, organization and indexing of information, data, statistics, documents and programs in a way that is easy to obtain and benefit from.
3. Develop programs and plans that help provide researchers, specialists and staff with the information they need in their research and study and guide them to references and publications related to their field of work.
4. Supervising the development of programs for translation work and publishing all new information and data related to the exercise of the university’s terms of reference and serving the achievement of its objectives.
5. Supervising the provision of books preservation methods in terms of method and presentation according to the latest offers followed.
6. Supervising the issuance of publications and bibliographia related to research and studies and issuing periodic bulletins showing all types of publications acquired by the Center.
7. Supervising the development of index preservation systems necessary to serve readers and those who are frequenting the library for the purpose of knowledge.

8. Supervising the preparation and conclusion of agreements with scientific bodies and institutions to provide the center with periodic references and bulletins, whether through exchange, gifting, procurement and reporting on them, which are raised to the highest functional levels.
9. Develop a plan to support decision-making and supervision from all stages.

10.Supervising the preparation of decision-making support systems and the continuous maintenance of these systems.
11. Supervising the implementation, management and follow-up of the development of the automated plan for information development and university management.


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