Suez Canal University

Institute of Biotechnology Postgraduate studies and research

A biotechnology institute for postgraduate studies and research will be established at Suez Canal University in Ismailia, as one of the advanced, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary biological technologies of the future. The headquarters of the Institute is the city of Ismailia. This is as a development of the activities of the “Biotechnology Research Center” that has existed since 1999, which coordinates and links ongoing research in the various fields of biotechnology in the university’s faculties.

vision and mission


Achieving scientific and research leadership in the fields of biotechnology with a professional commitment to community service and environmental development and providing expertise in the fields of biotechnology, whether industrial, food or environmental.


Teaching, scientific research, program development, rehabilitation and training of specialists in the field of biotechnology, and providing them with the necessary skills for academic and research work, while providing an environment that encourages scientific excellence and innovation for the advancement of Egyptian society in general and the society of the Suez Canal and Sinai regions in particular.