Suez Canal University

The mission of the health and counseling center at Suez Canal University is to enhance the overall wellbeing of students through inclusive and affordable physical and mental health care, prevention, education, and support services. The student counseling center provides quality, professional, and effective behavioral care services for student. We helps our students grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. We also help them improve self-awareness, define personal goals, resolve personal challenges, and integrate effective living skills into their lives.

We don’t only care about Academic education, we also care about student’s health. In accordance to that we are providing number of hospitals, clinics and medical care for students. All of these sides are well-equipped with high efficient medical team and equipment.  

Here are list of Hospitals

SCU hospital

SCU Specialized hospital

Family Medicine center

Dental hospital


Students are the main building block of SCU; therefore we are always there for them. In case they needed to report any emergency.

You can either report it through a phone call.


Phone: 0643209478

What SCU do to make sure its people are safe?

Preventive supervision on medical units to control the spread of infection.

Preventive supervision on all clinics and medical units that are found in suez canal university

Apply the foundations of infection control in medical clinics in university cities

Daily sanitization of all restaurants and cafeterias in the university.

Medical supervision from the university to students during the mid-term and end-year examinations period.

Preventive supervision of blood donation campaigns held inside the university.