Suez Canal University

Intro of Project

Suez Canal University participates in the project of “Building human and material capacities in the field of geothermal energy in Egypt” funded by the European Union (Erasmus) program with a number of Egyptian universities and authorities (Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Aswan University, Japanese University of Science and Technology, The new and renewable Energy Authority, South Valley Petroleum Holding Company] and three European universities (University of Bologna in Italy, University of Zagreb in Croatia, University of Valladolid in Spain). The project aims to build the capacities of Egyptian higher education institutions (faculty members and laboratories) in the field of thermal energy and to establish the first postgraduate program in geothermal energy engineering in Egypt on the basis of European standards. The activities of the project aim to raise the level of awareness of society and decision makers about the potential of geothermal energy in Egypt, which works to provide job opportunities for the first wave of graduates with the help of Egyptian businessmen who are able to provide these opportunities and open businesses to harness the untapped geothermal energy resources available in Egypt.
For more information about the project and the postgraduate program, you can visit the project website:

Principal coordinator of the project at SCU

Prof. Abdo Ali Abul-Majd

Department of Geology – College of Science