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The introductory session is the starting point in the process of getting to know and settling in university life. During your induction session you will learn about your workplace, your team, and supervisors. You will be informed of your duties and schedules. Also, you will be handed the ID card, username and passwords for the digital platforms related to the professors. The induction session is your chance to investigate, ask questions, and introduce yourself to the staff.

Always feel free to explore your environment, and seek help if necessary.


The unit supports the use of information technology to implement the university automation project through:
1- Providing digital transformation courses for all graduate students and faculty members through specialized trainers
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2- The establishment and integration of different systems through a single integrated database that allows all university members (pre-graduate and postgraduate) and university staff and faculty to deal with all these systems, benefit from their services, extract the necessary data, reports and documents and operate fully electronically (Paperless) according to the workflow of all sectors and departments of the University and its faculties.

3- Developing university education and administrative performance and developing the capabilities of all university members to deal with university systems.


1- Securing and ensuring the use of information technology in the colleges and sectors of the university.

2- Establishing and modernizing an integrated and well-organized electronic infrastructure to support the university’s various educational and administrative processes.

3- Providing complete electronic systems and databases on university colleges and departments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data registration and processing, decision-making and problem management, planning and strategic follow-up through a unified database that helps university decision makers.

4- Establishing and modernizing the location of the university and its various colleges and institutes.

5- Supporting university colleges in the use of information technology to develop and modernize the educational process, develop curricula and use non-traditional teaching methods.

6- Supporting the university administrations in the development of performance and the services they provide using electronic systems to turn the university into an electronic university and dispense with paper transactions.

7- The unit supports the development of the capabilities of all university members to deal with university systems, thereby improving job performance, maximizing the university’s outputs and developing its resources.

8- Contribute to the development of strategic and operational plans and follow-up and evaluation mechanisms for the university, colleges, centers and departments through the provision of the required reports and statistics.

9- Working as an experience home to contribute to the development of civil society institutions from the private, public and government sectors and to contribute to the development of plans and the development of programmes to meet the needs of those institutions and with the finance of beneficiaries.

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Unit Manager

Dr. Tamer Shawky

Deputy Director of the Unit

Dr. Hussam al-Din Rifaat

Unit Engineers

eng.Sally Mahmoud

eng. Radwa Abdul Wahab

eng.A. Fadel

eng. Shaimaa Saad

eng. Asma Awad