Suez Canal University

Transfer Rules

  1. The student must read the transfer conditions file (click here to download) well before starting to fill out the form.
  2. The student fills out the transfer request through an electronic form attached to the university’s website.
  3. The student prints the form after filling it out from the university’s website and goes to the Transfers Office at the Central Student Affairs to obtain a payment permission.
  4. The student goes to the main treasury of the university administration to pay the prescribed fees under a payment permission as follows:
    A- 500 pounds for a student with a high school diploma from Ismailia Governorate to transfer inside the university.
    B – 500 pounds for students wishing to obtain a status statement for transfer outside the university.
    C – 2000 pounds for students who obtained a high school diploma from outside Ismailia, taking into account the minimum admission to the college to be transferred to, provided that the documents indicating the student’s residency within the Ismailia governorate are completed.
  5. The student submits the electronic form attached to the payment receipt, a status statement from the college he is enrolled in (transfer of registration), a copy of the national number and a copy of the high school certificate or an official extract thereof to the General Administration of Central Student Affairs at the university.
  6. The administration undertakes to complete the rest of the procedures by submitting it to the competent college council. In the event of approval by the college council, the matter is referred to the Vice dean for Education and Student Affairs to confirm.

Transfer Criteria

  • Students wishing to transfer are arranged according to grade, and preference is given to students with the highest grade.
  • The place of residence of the student who wishes to transfer must be within the geographical scope of Ismailia Governorate.
  • It takes into account the percentage determined by each college for the number of students allowed to be transferred.
  • The student should not have obtained a high school diploma in the year in which the transfer is requested, as this is done through the main coordination office.
  • Transfer is accepted only before the start of the study, unless the college decides to accept transfers after that due to compelling circumstances, up to a maximum of the fourth week from the start of the study. No transfer requests are accepted after this date.