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We aim to offer our academic knowledge not only to our Egyptian students, but also to whoever feels the need to learn, develop, and succeed. At SCU, we aspire to supply our students with the knowledge to help change the world. We have twenty faculties actively operating on SCU old and new campuses, simultaneously, all to guarantee an organized process of continuous learning and innovation.

At SCU, you are free to explore the major you would like to know in depth.

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Admission Requirements

  1. An equivalent certificate of the latest academic qualification awarded by the supreme council of universities in Egypt.
  2. A letter of candidacy from the country the student comes from to the faculty the student wishes to study at, clarifying the providing body, the university year in which the student wishes to study, and the degree abstained by the student.
  3.  A copy of the student's passport that is valid for one whole year.
  4. A document which proves that the student does not have AIDS. before seeking admission or registration.
  5. An Excellence certificate valid for one one year (for medicine students)
  6. Filling the application forms at the desired faculty.
  7. Four personal photos.
  8. The grades of the four-year bachelor (for master's degree)
  9. A diploma or pre-master certificate (for Ph.D.)

After fulfilling all previous requirements, an original copy of an Information form and three photocopies of it have to be submitted with the student's signature on them.

Enclosing a photocopy of the approval embassy's approval of the student's study at the desired faculty, clarifying the providing body, the university year in which the student wishes to study and the degree the student wishes to take.