Suez Canal University

Intro of Project

The aim of the project is to create a quality-oriented smart automated university operation and resource planning environment infiltrating the global perspective of quality and best practices through the development of a smart digital platform for monitoring, analysis and automatic control of internal processes allowing for transparency, efficient management of human and capital resources, fact-based decision making, yielding a HEI model with quality KPIs being the controlling metrics for its automated processes, rendering quality compliance an INHERENT feature in ALL actions occurring within.

Project Manager at SCU

Prof. Ola leheta

Faculty of Medicine

Project Objectives

  • Develop comprehensive gap analysis of Education Quality processes, KPIs and cross-links with university automation systems.
  • Develop intelligent closed-loop feedback control system for Quality-Tailored (QT) automated processes within the HEI.
  • Develop modular digital platform for the automation, performance analysis and resource planning of various academic, administrative, students, personnel, infrastructure and supporting function within the university targeting education system KPIs improvement.
  • Develop a smart decision-making advisory tool for university management.
  • Map university processes and performance metrics to Education Quality criteria & KPIs.
  • Fully integrate developed automated processes with Quality criteria assessment tools using customer-client relationship forming a fully integrated Quality-Tailored Smart ASRP.
  • Establish knowledge exchange mechanism between EU and EG academic and QA authorities.
  • Deploy and validate the campus QT Smart Academic System Resource Planning system within the project lifetime.