Suez Canal University

The mission of the e-learning unit

The e-learning unit was established at Suez Canal University to achieve rapid communication between the student and the teacher, and to give greater opportunities to additional numbers of students to learn in a way that suits the requirements of the times, and to raise the level of educational service provided by the university to students and the Egyptian community as a whole, and the main objective of establishing the unit was excellence. In teaching and effective use of educational technology. By training faculty members and students on the methods and models of interaction via the Internet while studying electronic courses.

e-learning unit activities

  • Assisting faculty members in preparing electronic courses according to the correct educational foundations.
  • Training faculty members and university students on e-learning methods.
  • Promoting an e-learning culture among faculty members and university students.
  • Checking the quality of e-learning at the university.
  • Supporting the university in using technology to develop and update the educational process.
  • Providing advice to develop the educational process at the university within the framework of development plans. ,
  • Awareness of the educational system (faculty members, university students, educational institution and society) of the importance, quality and effectiveness of e-learning, to create interaction between this system.
  • Develop students' skills and abilities to communicate with others and interact with age variables.
  • Providing multiple and diverse sources of information that provide opportunities for comparison, discussion, analysis and evaluation.
  • Encouraging scientific research in the field of e-learning.
  • Establishing equipped laboratories in the university’s branches to enable students to use electronic courses within the university.
  • Act as a house of expertise to contribute to the development of foreign institutions related to the objectives and message center, with funding from the beneficiaries.
  • Holding workshops and periodic training courses for faculty members and university students to spread the culture of e-learning.
  • Increasing the number of courses produced in the center and raising their efficiency.
  • Interact with the environment surrounding the university and cooperate with institutions related to the objectives and message center.

e-learning unit services

E-course production service

Suez Canal University, as one of the Egyptian universities and pioneers in the field of e-learning, seeks to activate the role of the e-learning unit in spreading the culture of e-learning and producing the largest number of courses in electronic form. Therefore, the university encourages faculty members to produce e-courses under the umbrella of the Supreme Council of Universities and provides financial incentives for this. and morale.

Question Bank Service

The E-Learning Unit at the University Education Development Center announces the question bank service, which provides easy access for the student to previous years’ exams. This repository represents a database of previous exams that can be searched by college name, academic level, course title and the university year of the exam. Note that the service is available to all students at all levels and programs.

Content Management System Service (Moodle)

The Content Management System (Moodle) provides a set of services that help the user to complete the work within the site:
1. Providing educational activities (such as tests – exams – assignments – reviewing the contents).
2. Publishing and creating sources: (such as text files – downloading audio files – video – images – flash and others).
3. Communication and cooperation: (such as discussions – chat – messages – wiki – blogs – mail).

studio service

The studio service allows audio and video recording for all purposes that serve the educational process within Suez Canal University.