Suez Canal University

College of Science

The Faculty of Science at Suez Canal University is one of the first faculties on which the University of the Suez Canal was established, and whose inception was linked to the founding of the university in 1976, rooted in the idea of ​​cohesion in society and the study of the surrounding environment of the Canal Region and Sinai and the graduation of generations capable of solving the problems of this society, which is one of the comparative advantages of the Faculty of Science The Suez Canal compared to other universities to this day. Therefore, the Faculty of Science at Suez Canal University has always been distinguished for its leadership and achievements, which makes it always a source of pride for its affiliates, especially in the fields of scientific publishing, research projects, quality and accreditation, and the constant pursuit of applying the latest educational systems, and experience in applying regulations and laws to the fullest, with complete conviction. For all its affiliates, there is a need to periodically review all that is going on in the college of educational and research activities. The college has been striving since its establishment to be a center of excellence in its specialized fields.
As for the educational programs, the College of Science is the ideal college for those looking for integrated vital programs and a growing intellectual knowledge. and research capabilities. The main focus of the college’s programs is towards the realization of reason and logic, with different scientific means. Some programs are concerned with the idealization of their intellectual means; Others are concerned with the accuracy of their practical application methods; The purpose of the programs is the scientific and intellectual formation of the student to enable him to perform the many roles required in the age of technology and to deal with its variables effectively and efficiently. This orientation reflects the college’s firm desire to follow the modern approach, one that deals with academic programs with broad bases, and interdisciplinary majors. This is in addition to the college’s keenness to prepare its students appropriately to compete in the labor market.

vision and mission


Ismailia College of Science aspires to be an accredited educational institution with a distinguished scientific standing at the local and regional levels, based on the quality of its educational programs and scientific research, and to be a center of expertise to provide scientific advice and community services.



The College of Science in Ismailia teaches, researches and continuously develops scientific programs in the fields of basic and applied sciences to prepare graduates who are able to meet the needs of the labor market, keep pace with continuous development, competition, innovation, identify problems and solve them to improve Egyptian society in general and the society of the Suez Canal and Sinai Region especially

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