Suez Canal University

Prof. Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of Suez Canal University, welcomed Dr. Bambang Suryadi, Educational and Cultural Counselor at the Indonesian Embassy in Egypt, and the accompanying delegation from the leaders of Sunan Kaligaka Islamic State University Yogyakarta in Indonesia

In order to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two sides.

The University President stressed the university’s keenness to develop relations between Egypt and Indonesia, which are characterized by depth and cooperation throughout history, which necessity of deepening those joint relations between the two countries, especially in the academic and research fields and the dissemination of Indonesian culture, describing that it is not far from the Egyptian culture. New horizons for cooperation.

The meeting was attended from Suez Canal University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saad Zagloul, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Hassan Youssef, Advisor to the President of the University for the Affairs of the Afro-Asian Studies Institute for Graduate Studies, and Director of the Indonesian Research and Studies Center at the university.

From Sunan Kaligaka State Islamic University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the meeting was attended by Dr. Oki Sukerman, Vice Dean of the Second Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Sujadi, vice Dean of the Third Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Enaya Rahmani, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Dr. Khair Al Wardati, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and 14 lecturers from the university.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saad Zaghloul welcomed the cooperation and student exchange between the two sides, pointing out that the university has distinguished programs and curricula within 16 colleges and three postgraduate institutes, including the Indonesian Research and Studies Center, which is considered an effective hub for consolidating relations between the two countries and developing it in many fields, especially the scientific and academic, to become A center of excellence and a house of expertise and advice for Indonesian studies in various fields.

Dr. Bambang Suryadi, the educational and cultural advisor for Indonesia, thanked the university administration for the good reception, wishing to discuss more cooperation and joint scientific publication, as well as work on activating student exchange in all disciplines and exchanging experiences between the two universities.

At the end of the meeting, shields and souvenirs were exchanged between the two sides.