University Service

University Service


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Places the distribution of committees

Student results

Course evaluationتقيم-مقرر-دراسي /

Seating numbers of first semester 2012 – 2013

Job opportunities

Statement of students numbers of years

Statement of numbers of faculty members and their assistants

Statement of department numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate

New student Regulation

Files for download of graduate students

Student dataبيانات-الطلاب

Explanation of faculty member’s servicesتوصيف-الخدمات-2/
Faculty member’s site

Student’s site

E-learning program

Academic Regulations for studentsاللوائح-الدراسية-للطلاب

Academic Regulations for Graduate

A training course for faculty members and assistants

Files for download of faculty members

Easily download free software on Microsoft Word

Scientific Research

Curriculum Vitae for faculty members

Updated CV for faculty members

Search for a faculty member

Get an e-mail

ICTP Courses registration

Student lists

A training course entitled employability skills

Invitation to published scientific literature for faculty members

Suez Canal University Booklet 2013

Curriculum site

Training program on learning styles for people with special needs

Youth Welfare at the university hold scientific activity competitions for students

University citiesالمدن-الجامعية

Instructions for medical examination for new students