Video Conference hall

Video Conference hall

About video conference hall

  • It is one of the largest projects in the field of video conference, both at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt or at the level of the Arab world and is run through a network of information at Egyptian universities have also been communicating with some government and educational authorities
  • Aims to  take advantage of the potential of the Egyptian Universities Network after the raising networking speed between universities and each other and with the Internet.
  • And activation of this network in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
  • These equipment include sub​​-units high-quality computer peripherals and mobile units, as well as recording and broadcast services conferences.

Functions of the unit

  •     Implementation of joint training programs between the Egyptian and international universities.
  •     Development E-Learning Service.
  •     Discuss thesis and seminar of (MA and Ph.D.).
  •     Register seminars and conferences that are using Recording and Streaming.


Hall prices

First: – from within the university

1) Hall  Rent:

  • From 8 am: 2 pm  amount of    (300 pounds)
  • From 3 pm: 9 pm amount of    (450 pounds)

(From 8 am until 5 pm is a day and a half)

1) Data   Shaw rental amount (100 pounds)

2) video conference rental per hour  amount (150 pounds) in the morning

amount of (225 pounds) pm

3) hall rental for student activities reduces 50% of the hall price

In other words, from 8: 2  amount of  (200 pounds)

From 3 pm: 9  amount of  (300 pounds)

All means show is as constant in price.

Second: from outside the university (foreign bodies)

1 – Egyptians

hall Rental from 8 am: 2 pm  amount of  (500 pounds)

From 3 pm: 9 pm amount of  (900 pounds)

From 8 am to 5 pm is a day and a half

And the rest of the media offer the same price in the morning and evening

2 – foreign: out of the country

hall  Rent from 8 am: 2 pm  amount of (500)

From 3 pm: 9 pm amount of (750)

Inquiries contact us

Tel: 0643211365

Internal: 2326