Faculty members and leaders Development Center FLDC

Faculty members and leaders Development Center FLDC

Faculty and Leaders Development Capabilities project( FLDC)
Project Manager: Dr/ Mohamed Mosaad Ibrahim Hegazy (Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Science, Ismailia)


Provide continuing professional development opportunities for faculty members and leaders at university, for their active participation in improving competitiveness quality of the outputs of university education and the relevant institutions, when requested.


Development faculty members  abilities and their assistants at the university so that they can improve the competitive quality of the output of the educational process. Development management and leadership abilities of academic leaders and the administrative apparatus supporting at university to be able to effective management of change processes related to the development and modernization of the university. Provide an opportunity for faculty members and their assistants and administrators at the university to pass the programs that are identified as Requirements which promotion to a higher degree. Prepare training materials and sources needed to achieve the appropriate place for his Cadres for development faculty members and leaders abilities by integration with related centers at all levels whenever necessary. Publish a culture of training and self-development colleges and university sectors. Participate in the development faculty members and other institutions leaders abilities which related with center mission and its objectives. Seek to recognition of relevant accrediting institutions and activities of the center, as appropriate.

Programs scheduled during the month of September 2012 to the month of March 2013

Announcement of the postponement of a teacher preparation program