Arrivals Affairs Office

Arrivals  Affairs Office

Within the framework of the strategic vision of Suez Canal University and spent the need to interest students arrivals and provide care for them , the University Council established the Office care of international students interested in pay efforts to attract foreign students who qualified, and improvement of international relations in the field of education and graduate studies and research, it has been dedicated office to receive and take care of foreign students and solve their problems that exist by a member of the faculty and under the supervision of prof . Dr . Vice Rector for Graduate Studies.


The Mission of Students Welfare Office at Suez Canal University is to facilitate the arrival and help foreign students in the university community life and help them integrate into university life , which enriches the student at the university entity .



Support Suez Canal University image, at the Arab and international level such as the League Egyptian character is unique and increase their competitiveness on the regional and international level and increase the attractions enjoyed by the university through the provision of various services for students and who will become after graduation ambassadors for the University of the Suez Canal and Egypt and facilitating procedures Special Administrative register them and enrolled at the university because of the uncertain impact in improving the quality of the educational process and elevating the level of teachers , students and administrative structure .