Vision, Mission & Objects

Vision, Mission & Objects

University Vision :

Suez Canal University is looking forward to occupy a prominent place among higher education institutions based on its contribution to university education development and its interaction with its community through pioneering research associated with its community.

University  Mission :

We are university heading for its community aims to provide opportunities to its student for learning and education which capable of competition and provide work opportunities in its wide field at globalization era responding its community needs and eager to develop values within it without compromised to abandon our identity

University Objects:
  1. To ensure the quality of outputs, activities and processes of the university.
  2. To create new scientific programs for graduate and postgraduate studies.
  3. Enforce the university achievements on the national, regional, and international levels.
  4. To switch to the electronic administration governance and to increase the potential of excellence present in the university.
  5. Maximize the utilization of learning resources and information.
  6. Increase the collaboration between SCU and the international centers of Excellence.
  7. Innovate new modalities of learning and teaching.
  8. Increase the capacity for students without compromising the quality.