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• Information Technology Institute - Suez Canal University

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The institute becomes a leading reference for the development of young and leaders cadres in the communications and information technology sector within the range of the Suez Canal, Sinai and East Delta regions.

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Excellence in developing human cadres and providing specialized consulting services to individuals and entities in the field of information and communications technology. Supporting the design and development of models to meet the requirements of socio-economic technological development. Focusing constantly on employee development and commitment to support responsibility towards applying social values ​​and providing various training programs.

Means of contacting the center

  • Phone: 0643214964/0643214963
    Email: suezcanal@iti.gov.eg


– Supporting the information technology industry and expected projects in the Technology Valley with cadres of information technology professionals.
– Contributing to the localization of industry and attracting investments operating in the sector that depend on the availability of qualified human resources.
– Contributing to increasing the numbers of technological entrepreneurs and owners of companies through integration with other ministries.
– Integration with the university to support the numbers of researchers through an applied study for them within the institute’s branch
-Contribute to the dissemination of information and communications technology applications to different societal segments through the institute’s training channels in the provinces of the region