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Developing the skills of faculty members and their assistants, students, academic and administrative leaders and all university employees from administrators and technicians from members of the external community in order to develop the educational and research process and services provided to beneficiaries.


The center should be a pioneering and distinguished edifice that provides integrated services to develop the skills of human cadres at the university and outside it, in a way that guarantees achieving the highest levels of progress, excellence and creativity.


contact center: 0643213950   internal:2338

Prof. Mohammed Hassan Shakiedf :01224726688


1- Coordination between the training plans and programs that take place in the university and its various colleges and centers.
2- Developing the academic and administrative leadership skills to enhance their role in assuming leadership positions.
3- Developing the capabilities of faculty members to use modern technology in education, scientific research, and community service.
4- Setting future strategies necessary to raise the skills of faculty members and their assistants in order to achieve excellence and creativity in education and scientific research.
5- Development of scientific and research skills for students, alumni and researchers in all fields.

6- Contributing to building the student’s personality and developing personal skills.
7- Training students on self-learning, discovering knowledge and increasing their scientific and practical achievement.
8- Instilling a sense of loyalty and belonging to all university employees and enhancing their desire to upgrade the level of services they provide.
9- Developing skills and building capabilities, raising the level of job performance for the university’s administrative board, and qualifying the necessary competencies.
10- Contributing to the training of human cadres for local and regional community institutions through the use of modern scientific, technical and administrative methods and raising their efficiency in various fields.
11- Assist the university to achieve its vision and fulfill its mission by meeting the needs of labor market