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Office activities and services

The Office of arrival Student Affairs will provide a range of public activities as well as a range of assistance and services for these students before they enter the university (new students), which extend and concentrate upon their arrival and start university studies (current students).

Coordination with the Department of arrival Student in the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education regarding the affairs of arrival students.

1 – Contact with international authorities such as USAID and the Fulbright Commission to achieve partnership with the distinguished international universities and activating the agreements and the exchange of students with these universities.

2 – Contact with the Egyptian cultural representation offices on abroad to activate scientific cooperation and student exchange.

3- Enhancing cultural and scientific cooperation with cultural representation offices and cultural attaches of different countries in the Arab Republic of Egypt with a focus on Arab and African countries with the aim of attracting new students such as:

Kuwait Cultural Office in Cairo.

Saudi Cultural Office in Cairo.

(For example, noted the absence of information on how to contact with Suez Canal University on the official website of these offices).

4. Opening a channel of communication with the cooperation funds of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry such as:

Technical Fund for Cooperation with the Commonwealth

African Fund for Cooperation with African Countries

With the aim of promoting of Suez Canal University as a university that provides care for its arrival students.

5 – Open a channel of cooperation with similar offices in the Egyptian and regional universities to identify and transfer their expertise in this field.

6 – Publicity for Suez Canal University as a receptor university for the arrival students through the official website of the university as well as by preparing the bulletins and sending them to the various concerned authorities.

7 – Invite officials concerned with exchange of students and cultural representation in the Arab and foreign embassies in the Arab Republic of Egypt to visit the Suez Canal University and organize Publicity lectures and field trips inside and outside the university to learn about the most important elements of student attraction.

8- Preparation of a documentary file in Arabic and foreign languages ​​(English-French) on the student’s attractions in the university and its educational centers, and providing this image file on the website of the university.

1 – Contact with all relevant departments within the university to facilitate and guide the procedures of enrollment from the receipt of student papers
and the speed of their review and the issuance of acceptance decisions and graduation certificates.

2 – Organizing meetings to welcoming of new students to familiarize them with the university and encourage cultural dialogue between different nationalities.

3 – Provide guidance on the various services (therapeutic – cultural – recreational) available to students within the University.

4- Organizing sports, cultural and recreational activities for arrival students and their families to help them overcome the problems of distance from home.

5- Providing academic, social and humanitarian counseling to arrival students if they are exposed to any related problems.
6 – Assisting the arrival students in providing accommodation during their time in the university, thus providing them with the appropriate climate for academic progress such as:

University Cities

– Youth hostels and hotels

– Private housing units (through coordination with some specialized and reliable offices)
7- Preparing a guidebook on life features in the cities of the Suez Canal area, including means of transportation, shopping places, public services (health centers, places of worship, schools, recreational places) for distribution to arrival students.

8 – Develop an integrated electronic system that shows the objectives of the Office and its activities and the systems of admission and registration of arrival students as well as answer questions of students through the university’s website.