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Arrivals Affairs Office

Within the framework of the strategic vision of Suez Canal University, which requires the need to care for and provide care for arrivals students, the Council of the University has established an office for the care of arrivals students concerned with the efforts to attract qualified arrivals students and improve international relations in the field of education, postgraduate studies and research. And to take care of arrivals students and solve their problems provided that there is a faculty member at the university under the supervision of Prof. Vice President for Graduate Studies.

The basic objectives of the Office

1-To spread the culture of the importance of Arrival students and their care within the university and among the concerned faculty members and administrators.
 2- Marketing the distinguished and diverse academic programs offered by the university in both Arabic and other languages.
3-    Supporting the cooperation and communication between Suez Canal University and the different academic institutions around the world.
4-    To provide information on all courses in the various faculties of the university and the conditions for joining them.
5-    Facilitate and follow-up Entry, registration and graduation procedures for arrival students within the university.
6-    Provide full care for arrival students within the university.
7-    Assist in solving the problems of study, residence and others inside and outside the university.


The Vision of the arrivals Student Affairs Office at Suez Canal University is to Support the image of Suez Canal University at Arab and international level as an Egyptian university of a unique nature and increasing its competitiveness at the regional and international level and increasing the attractions of the university by providing various services to arrivals students who will after graduation will be ambassadors of Suez Canal University and Egypt and facilitate administrative procedures concerned their registration and enrollment in the university. This has a definite effect on improving the quality of the educational process and improving the level of its teachers, students and administrative structure.


The mission of the arrivals Student Affairs Office at Suez Canal University is to facilitate the arrival and assistance of arrivals students to live in the university community and to help them integrate into university life, thus enriching the student authority of the university.