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E-learning center Mission

Supporting E-learning in the university by converting undergraduate courses to E-Courses and broadcast it through the University website on the Internet, and checks its quality and encouraging scientific research in this type of learning, and publishing a culture of e-learning.

About E-learning

A method for delivery of information to the learner using computer ,networking and multimedia concluding audio, video, graphics, , search mechanisms , electronic libraries and portals in the shortest time , with less effort and more useful. E-learning and does not eliminate the role of the teacher and the educational institution but its reformulate the role of each other.

Elearning project activities 

  • Helping faculty members in the preparation of E-courses according to the proper educational foundation.
  • Training faculty members and university students on E-learning methods.
  • Promoting for E-learning culture between faculty members and university students
  • Verification E-learning quality in  the university
  • Supporting university in using technology in developing and updating the educational process.
  • Provide advice to the development of the educational process at the university in the framework of the development plans. ،
  • Awareness the educational system (faculty members, university students, and the educational institution and the community) of the importance, quality and the effectiveness of e-learning, to create interaction between this system.
  • Develop the skills and abilities of students to communicate with others and interact with the variables of age
  • Provide multiple and varied sources of information allow opportunities for comparison, discussion, analysis and evaluation
  • Encourage scientific research in the field of E-learning
  • Establishment equipped labs at university branches to enable students to use E-courses within the university.
  • Work like experience house to contribute to foreign institutions development processes which relevant with objectives and message center, and with funding from the beneficiaries
  • Hold workshops and periodical training courses to faculty members and university students to publish E-learning culture
  • Increase the number of produced courses at center and raising their efficiency.
  • Interaction with the surrounding environment at the university and cooperation with institutions relevant with objectives and message center.

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