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Who can study at SCU?

* Egyptian Student
* Foreinger student

Why SCU?

  • The university competitive status includes the following:
    • The university distinctive location, being near to Sinai and the Suez Canal
    • The Existence of distinctive experts in education and scientific research as well as junior staff members in modern specializations.
    • The existence of inventive, creative, and distinctive students in sporting, artistic, and cultural
    • Accreditation of the university through obtaining the ISO
    • Student density is ideal with regard to the ratio of students to junior and senior teaching staff
    • The existence of the first technological college in Egyptian Governmental University:
      • (The Egyptian Chinese College for Applied Technology which awards a technical bachelor)
    • The Existence of specialized post-graduate institutes:
      • Fish Farming and Technology Institute
      • Biotechnology Institute
    • The existence of seven university colleges accredited by the National Organization for Quality Assurance and Accreditation
    The existence of non-traditional programs in both undergraduate and postgraduate phases.
  • Undergraduate Phase:
    • Food Safety Program – Faculty of Agriculture (credit hours)
    • Clinic Pharmacy Program (credit hours)
    • Petrolatum and Water Sciences program (credit hours)
    • Commerce (English Program)
    • Language Programs (Chinese – German – Turkish – Persian – Hebrew)
    • ECCAT Programs:
      • Communication Technology program
      • Electronic Technology Program
      • Mechatronic Technology Program
    • Pharmacy Technology Program (credit hours) (still under revision)
    • Bachelor of Dentistry Program (credit hours)
  • Graduate Phase:
    • Remote Medical Education Diploma
    • Remote Medical Education Master, collaborated with Maastricht University in Netherland
    • Pharmacy Diploma, Master, and Doctorate (credit hours)
    • Pharm Doctorate
    • International Environment Master between Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University and Bremen University in Germany
    • Master of Business Accountancy (MBA)
    • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
    • Diploma, Master, and Doctorate (credit hours) in Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, and Political Sciences