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Our Vision

The Suez Canal University is seeking a pioneering and distinguished position in higher education and scientific research locally, regionally and globally.

Our Mission

The Suez Canal University prepares graduates able to get opportunities in a highly competitive employment market seeking quality in education and scientific research heading towards community service and matching technological development in a frame of ethics and values.

Strategic Goals

1. Developing current study programmes and curricula and initiating new programmes in accordance with the needs of job market.
2. Promoting the efficiency of educational process.
3. Enhancing the University role in building the student personality.
4. Effective communication with our graduates.
5. Development of scientific research.
6. Development of graduate programmes and curricula in accordance with the needs of job market.
7. Improving the administrative systems of the graduate studies sector.
8. Attracting more international students.
9. Enhancing local, regional and international relationships of the University.
10. Developing the University electronic infrastructure.
11. Initiating new technological programmes to meet the increasing needs of the job market.
12. Guaranteeing the continuity of the electronic and technological services offered by the University.
13. Increasing the number of accredited faculties in the University.
14. Seeking to get academic accreditation of the University.
15. Increasing the efficiency of available resources, and accelerating the growth of self-funding resources.
16. Activating the University role in the development of the Suez Canal area.
17. Increasing the services offered by the University to the community.
18. Promoting the administrative system of the University.
19. Increasing job satisfaction.

Adopted Values

  • Commitment to moral values, distinction and circulation of knowledge.
  • Cooperation between the University and the external community.
  • Transparency in handling and solving
  • Creativity and open-mindedness in education, research and problem-solving.
  • Continuity and preservation of
  • Variation as the basis of our university community.

University Objects:

  1.  Preparing graduates able to compete in the local and regional job market.
  2. Providing a research environment that supports community service.
  3. Realizing digitization and smart university
  4. Achieving Quality Accreditation on the local and regional
  5. Enhancing the University  role in community  service and sustainable development.
  6. Developing the University administrative