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Suez Canal University organizes the first universities Futsal championship

Suez Canal University is organizing the first universities Futsal championship (Pentapol) during the period from  next 24 to 26 September of this month

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki, President of Suez Canal University , the general supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sobhi Hassanein, Vice-President of the Universities Sports Federation, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shekidif, Vice-President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, , Prof. Dr. Hisham El-Gyoshi, Secretary of the Egyptian Federation of Universities , Mohamed Hussein, president of the Egyptian Futsal Federation , the executive supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ghoneim, general coordinator of student activities at the university, Dr. Ahmed Kamal, advisor to the sports committee at the university And the follow-up and supervision of Abdullah Amer, General Director of Youth Welfare at the university, and Adel Al-Qadi, director of activity and the work team of the General Administration of Youth Welfare.




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