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Suez Canal University students participate in the global Enactus competitions among universities

Suez Canal University students will participate in the final qualifiers to implement a competition between universities to choose a team representing Egypt in the Enactus International Competition, tomorrow, Tuesday, 27 July.

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki, President of the University

The competition is witnessing a strong competition between 5 teams, to choose the Enactus Egypt 2021 team, which will represent Egypt in the mini-world cup competition next October, which Egypt will host for the first time in Sharm El-Sheikh.

This is in implementation of the strategy of the Ministry and the Student Activities Sector to spread the idea of ​​entrepreneurship among university youth and prepare them to serve the community and meet the requirements of the labor market.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shqedif, Vice President of Suez Canal University for Education and Students, expressed his pride and happiness with the university students’ participation in international forums and competitions, and their honorable representation of their university.

added that such participation is a field for exchanging experiences and innovative ideas among students to serve society and achieve sustainable development

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