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Suez Canal Pharmacy … welcomes its new academic year with modern digital laboratories that simulate virtual reality

Prof. Dr.Magda Hagras, Suez Canal University President, confirmed that the university seeks to keep pace with the developments of educational technology and raise the infrastructure, in order to serve the educational process and facilitate the access of information to students with the highest quality and accuracy, as faculty of Pharmacy is preparing to welcome the new academic year 2020/2021 with modern simulation laboratories that connect the Practical to theoretical., and becomes an artificial or imaginary learning environment, an alternative to and simulating the real reality, especially with the application of the hybrid education system.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shakedef, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, added that faculty of Pharmacy is working to graduate highly competitive students at the local and regional levels, by providing a distinguished and continuous pharmacy education by providing advanced academic and professional programs.

Prof. Dr. Yasser Mustafa, Dean of faculty of Pharmacy explained that faculty was equipped with a simulation laboratory for chemical  studies, and it includes 48 computers with a speed, storage capacity and  appropriate scientific software, which make the student live in an imaginary environment in which interacts and participates, as it simulates a real science laboratory, and the student can do experiments, repeating them, watching interactions and results without exposure to any risk, and in conformity with the principles of distance education in particular to confront Covid 19; It allows the student to conduct practical experiments from his home, as well as other electronic pharmacology laboratories to become an alternative to using live  animals and conducting experiments on vital organs and the central nervous system

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