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Suez Canal University announces the conditions for accepting of International students

Prof. Dr.Magda Hagras, Suez Canal University President, announced the methods of applying for International students for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the university, noting that the university pays great attention to International students, especially its many distinctive disciplines such as the Institute of Aquaculture, the Institute of Afro-Asian Studies and the Egyptian-Chinese Faculty of Applied Technology In addition to multiple cooperation protocols with many Arab and foreign countries, in addition to the distinguished programs of the Faculties of Commerce, Dentistry, Arts and Humanities, , Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shakedef, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, confirmed that the Ministry receives applications for enrollment through the International Information Network through the website of the student coordination system for International students and announces the results of the initial nomination of applicants for a period not exceeding six Business days from the date of submission

Dr. Atowa Al-Mitwali Atowa, Academic Coordinator for International Students, added that among the procedures is for the student to upload a copy of the academic certificate and passport through the website, and the application according to the conditions set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research requires submitting a number of documents to the Central Administration for International Student Affairs at the Ministry’s headquarters, which are The original high school certificate or its equivalent certified by the Ministry of Education in the country in which you reside and from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a copy of a valid passport, a number of 6 recent personal photos, and the results of the aptitude test for colleges that require this type of exam, and a payment receipt for application services on the site, and a photo From the initial nomination sent through the official website.

It is also possible for a former International student to be nominated in one of the private institutes in which the study system is in two stages, to complete his studies in the same institute or at another institute according to the controls and decisions applied in this regard.

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