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A fully localized control system robot with a remote control system … a new innovation for Suez Canal engineering students

Prof.Dr. Magda Hagras, Suez Canal University President, explained that with the spread of the Corona pandemic that struck the world at the end of 2019 and the consequent measures for suspending studies and implementing the distance education system, during which students of the engineering sector at Canal University continued to present distinguished innovations that contributed to overcoming the ordeal. Students of the transportation teams at Faculty of Computers and Information by making a robot to distribute exam papers as a contribution from them to their colleagues in the final teams of the college during the year-end exams.
as engineering students innovated the sterilization gate, which was circulated on all the university gates and some colleges with large numbers during the exam period, in addition to the innovation of ventilators that are still under implementation and completed the students of this distinguished Faculty today continue their innovations by making a robot with complete local components that are controlled. Remotely in a main control room with a range of up to 2 km. Its main mission is to transport food, drink and medicine to patients and transport clothes.
This came during the university president’s follow-up to the work team based on the manufacture of robots in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Mrs. Hoda Farag, Secretary General of the University, and Prof. Dr. Ihab Lotfi, Vice Dean of Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, affirmed that with the increase in the rate of infection among medical staff, the best solution has become social distancing and reducing mixing as much as possible. The only substitute for human presence is robots.
And he continued, so the work team designed this robot to transport supplies without direct human intervention, so there is a main camera to enable the control room to see the path, headphones and a microphone for communication between the patient and the control room, a sensor to measure the temperature and a screen for direct communication with the doctor and to give instructions
Prof. Dr. Ihab Lotfi indicated that the robot can be modified to be used in universities and government institutions in administrative work.
Dr. Basem Al-Hadi Al-Saeed Al-Naghi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the supervisor of the work team, was keen to thank the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Magda Hagras, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad. It is worth noting that the work team includes students of the Faculty of Engineering, Khaled Hassan Eyada, Yasmine Ismail and Ahmed Sami Muhammad
Some of the secondary school students in Ismailia also participated with them in the work of the robot, including Abdul Rahman Shawqi, Muhammad Hisham and Yusef al-Bukhari, Muhammad al-Bukhari, Ammar Ahmad.
Salma Muhammad, Menna Allah Ghanem, Rana Wael, Shahd Yasser, Maryam Samir

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